Monday, May 21, 2012

It's almost time!!

Not this upcoming Sunday, but the next is when I will be off on a plane to a place I've always dreamed of. I found out not too long ago that another girl who is about my age is also coming to Kulpahar Kid's Home for the summer. Her name is Nicole. She will be flying in and leaving the same dates too. She is coming from Yuma, Arizona. It'll be nice to have someone else there who is use to what goes on here in America.

Throughout all the planning that came along for this trip, I must say it didn't stress me out as much as I assumed it would. I am glad that I have been motivated which led me to prepare early. I think putting stuff off would  have definitely made things stressful. I guess that goes with pretty much most things in life.Less than two weeks till I leave, and I must say I would be ready to leave in two days (I must admit that I wish it were)!

The one thing that did stress me out so far more than anything, was/is PACKING!! My goodness I do not know where to even start. I must say that I am thankful for those who have purchased items for my trip such as things like hats, sunscreen/toiletries (I hear it can get up into the120's degrees Fahrenheit), my new pair of Merrell sandals :), travel adapters, travel bags, items for the children, and so much more. I am blessed beyond all measure. God has done a marvelous job of taking care of me. But back to is just so hard for me to not only fit things in the suitcase, but its hard to think about what I NEED for two months knowing I cannot just take a trip into town to a Wal-Mart (I am mostly worried about contact solution). So not only do I need to pack light, but I also have to be sure that I have enough supplies/necessities that will last me two months weighing less than 51 lbs. This whole packing situation would be so much easier if I chose to bring an extra suitcase rather than a guitar. But I am choosing to do so, because I would rather bring that and introduce so many songs and have my I guess you would say "stress reliever" there too. I keep daydreaming about teaching "Marvelous Light" etc. with all the hand movements to the kids :)
I am bringing over some playing cards, some seeds (as far as I know, they do not have broccoli, zucchini, and swiss chard!), maybe some nail polish, and I might purchase UNO for the children at the orphanage.
About a few weeks ago, I got to meet up with Katie (the intern that went to Kulpahar before me). It was so awesome to hear about her experience in Kulpahar and to have her answer a million questions.

As a mother's day gift to my mom from my other sister. My mom got a flight to Charlotte to she spend the day with me before I leave and to see me off at the airport. 

 Well the time is almost near and I am just counting down the days! I appreciate all who have made this even possible. I never thought I would have this kind of opportunity. I know that this trip will be challenging on so many different levels. I am thrilled to experience a new culture and a new EVERYTHING. From even brushing my teeth, to leaving behind my skinny jeans and my normal clothing, to a nine and a half hour time difference, different language, different food, different mannerisms, and I can go on and on. Bring it on! I cannot wait to serve in Kulpahar, India and I am interested to see what God is going to teach me while I am there.   

Saturday, March 17, 2012

And it all begins....

Hey everyone!

A few have asked that I start a blog to update on what's going on! Writing is definitely not my specialty, so I am new to this whole blogging thing.  I don't leave till the beginning of June, but I thought I should let some of you all know what has been going on. First, I would like to thank those who have supported me through prayer and/or financially. This trip wouldn't be happening if it were you all.

For those of you who had no idea that I was going to India, I plan on doing my internship in a children's home in Kulpahar, India. I plan to be there for a little over two months. In order for me to earn my degree in Management of Non-Profit organizations, I have to complete an internship. But I look at this opportunity more than just a checklist towards graduation. I want my internship to provide me with a positive influence and quality exposure to my field of study, all while being able to give back.

I am so excited for this opportunity! When this school year begun, I did not even think that I would be traveling overseas. Planning for this trip has been really exciting, and from the very beginning things seem to have been falling in place.

Between the time I started planning till now, I have sent out letters, obtained  my passport, visa, and have gotten shots (ouch). My medication for malaria came in yesterday, so I plan to get a ride to Walgreens sometime this weekend to pick it up.

I have committed to High Point Travel to book my flight, but picking a date has been a little complicated. Kulpahar Kid's Home (KKH) is 8 hours away from the airport in Delhi, so finding a date where they can come out of their way to meet me has been changing almost daily within the past week. It is so important to me that I arrive at a convenient time for them. So I am just praying for God to be working out the details in that area especially. I plan on getting a definite answer this week.

As soon as I arrive, the plan is for me and Linda (in charge of hostiles at KKH) to visit the Red Fort in Delhi, and then on June 5 we will go to Agra to see the BEAUTIFUL Taj Mahal. Afterwards, we will then head over to KKH.

One thing Sharon told me (my supervisor) is 'the most consistent thing about our part of India are her INCONSISTENCIES.' Learning the language has been a bit interesting and kind of frustrating. I know some Hindi from watching the Indian movies when I was little. But, it is hard to pick up since the language is so inconsistent.. Gina and I have been watching some Indian movies (recent ones, and ones that bring back memories). They actually help!

Before me, KKH has had one other intern, and her name is Katie Guthrie. She went over to KKH about 5 years ago for her internship. She actually lives in Johnson City, TN. So I plan to meet up with her before I go over there. I am REALLY excited to hear about her experience there.

It is going to be quite a culture shock for me even though my family is of Indian descent. I will definitely have fun getting use to a 9.5-10.5 hour time difference, confusing people by looking Indian but not knowing the language, introducing pedicures/manicures, sharing technology, introducing microwavable popcorn, teaching English worship songs, giving devotionals (with a translator) and  SO much more.

As time gets closer and closer, I get more excited each day knowing that I will be serving there. I could not have pictured a better opportunity than this. Thank you all for investing time to read about my journey to India.

In Him,
Alex Sookrajh :)